We offer professional mixing service for your music. We love to put all our passion and know-how into your production.


We like to work close to the wishes and musical taste of our clients, helping you out to achieve your visions and providing you with great audio quality product.


Of course, not everything in the mixing stage is possible, there are several aspect which make your production sounding great and a mixdown is only one of them. Having a good arrangments, performance, recording enviroment and many more are mandatory aspects for a great result, so make sure you are doing great in every step of your production and if you are not sure about don't hesitate to contact us and sending a link to your recording material.


Technically we love to take advantage of both domains digital and analog. The end result is what the most matters for us.


Beside our mixing we also offer editing services such as: time alignment-quantising, vocal tuning, audio restoration and many more.