Recording studio


Wolvesinsound is a professional recording studio based in an industrial building at Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. The studio is mainly subdivided into three parts: one control room and two separated recording spaces. The studio is complemented with a comfortable kitchen/rest space as well as with toilets and showers.


On the basis of our customers audio sources we provide you with the highest possible levels of audio signal path. Professional recording engineering for instruments is mandatory. We use microphones with a high quality as well as good sounding professional preamps. We love to experiment with multiple microphone positions in order to create explicit and specific sounds that suit holistically the music we are working on.

Respectful and appreciating communication is important to us whether we talk about the intentions you follow with your work or whether we try to understand the vision of sonority you wish to achieve with your recordings. We also support you with our technical and musical know-how to bring your ideas to life.

We do not see ourselves as producers (unless it`s explicitly intended). We truely believe that every musician has got her own visions and that`s what we respect and wholeheartedly engage to.



Multitrack-Recording for an Album, an EP, a Single, Overdubs, a demo and a live session. Max recording channels 28.

Professional Audio Editing, guitar, bass and snare Reamping,  Autotuning and many more.

Mixdown: we love to combine the digital world ITB with analog dynamic processors as well.

Soundtracks/Remixes/Sounddesign/post production.




Midas Venice 320

Studer 961

Protools 10/11

Logic X

Ableton 9




Waves, Steven Slates, Kush Audio and many more.



Universal Audio Solo 610

TL Audio 5051

RME Fireface 800

Focusrite ISA One

Goldmike 9844 (stereo tube preamp)

Digitech Studio V2 Quad

Creamware U16 ADAT

Warm Audio WA76 compressor (Urei Replica)

Macke VLZ Pro

FMR Really Nice Compressor



Akg c414                      1x
Akg c2000b


Audio Technika Pro 37r


Cascade Fathead Ribbon 1x
Neumann TLM 49   1x
Shure sm57 1x
Shure sm58 3x
Revox 3500  1x
Sennheiser md 421 3x
Sennheiser e945 1x
Electro Voice RE20 1x
Oktava MK 012 MSP6 2x
Audix D2 2x
Audix D4 1x
Audix D6 1x
Audix I5 1x
Audix ADX-51 2x
The T.Bone Stc 800 1x


Neumann KH 120 a

KRK V8 (Made in USA)


Roland JX8P

Yamaha SK10 - 70s Strings Machine

Behringer Deepmind 12

Kurzweil 1200 pro I

ESI 32 Sampler

Hohner String Performer - 70s

Novation Bassstation II

"music evolves and each time she arises, it's her outstanding creativity that keep us staying tuned to the processes we are in" WS.