Multitrack-Recording for an Album, an EP, a Single, Overdubs, a demo and a live session. You could take advantage of our prices for completing your Album overdubs you started previously in a bigger Enviroment. Max recording channels 24.



Mixdown is really important step nowdays. According with the musical taste of our clients and production sonority, we work hard to bring every material to the next level. The goal is to find the best balance, dynamics, sound colors, effects to give your listeners the best experience. 

Take also advantage of our Online Mixing service, for new clients we offer a 30-50 seconds Mixing-Sample for free!


Digital audio editing of your audio Material. Everything is possible, from Drums Editing over Tuning and Instruments re-amping. Please just use our contact email addresses.

"music evolves and each time she arises, it's her outstanding creativity that keep us staying tuned to the processes we are in" WS.