podcast "such a wolf!"

working in our recording studio wolvesinsound means definitely sharing an intense and almost indescribable time with each other! to give you the chance to look behind the scene, to know more about the musicians and artists we work with, we share exclusive interviews we make with them in our podcast series "such a wolf!". you can listen and read about their work, thoughts and processes here on our site. 


 such a wolf! #3 - september 2017"

Roxanne de Bastion - "Jetzt ist nicht Zeit für Liebeslieder"


 such a wolf! #2 - januar 2016

Vincenz Kokot - "Ich mag die Rolle des Amateurs"













 such a wolf! #1 - october 2015

"Art kicks and Conflicts. Guy Dale aka Mute Swimmer talks music, language and control"