"I recorded multiple times at wolvesinsound in the past 3 years for my project TEAMGEIST. It's a perfect to write, compose and to improvise. I loved the multiple recording options at my disposal! You can record in different rooms and the hall is great to play and record drums and vocals in. You can isolate the instruments in booths for improvised recording sessions, but also record acoustic parts in the control room. It's great to get there with the Ringbahn or the trams 5, 6 or 8 S-Landsberger Allee. You can park you van/car there really easily and unload your stuff in peace (without having to double park).

The engineer is really accommodating and friendly. He makes great production suggestions if you need one and he's always adjusting to your pace and schedule to fit your needs. I loved the atmosphere there, the big kitchen comes in handy for long recording stints.

I highly suggest recording there if your an amateur or a professional. I will for my part always consider wolvesinsound as my first option to record my shit."



"Spent two days recording drums here. Antonio is incredibly friendly and professional, and took a very creative and accommodating approach to the tracking. And all for a very reasonable price! If I'm ever recording in Berlin again, this'll be my first port of call."


"wolvesinsound are dedicated, precise, patient, warmhearted, fun, honest, fair and amazingly skilled as can be. I am so grateful and highly recommend them to whoever is on the lookout for the right studio. It was a lucky day someone recommended them to me."